Lilia 2

This is my second time working with Lilia. We shot at a park out in Vacaville. Driving in, I could see flocks of geese taking a casual stroll and parents with their children riding bikes together. It was a calming feeling. I hope you enjoy our fruit shoot.


Recently with shoots, I have been letting my mind roam from the initial concept/mood board that I put together. This shoot was no different. In my head, I was thinking pastels. However, this became entirely my own. R’ia was a wonderful model for this concept. She is an incredible model in general. Another successful shoot and my heart is continuously full!


Crissy and I had been planning on working together for at least six months. I’m so happy that we were finally able to get together and make some magic. She is a such a strikingly unique individual and model. This was my last shoot of 2018 and I am incredibly proud of the outcome!

Model: Crissy Kay @crissykay_official

Makeup and Photography: Sonny Castillo

Sutton + Violet

I was incredibly inspired by old glamour photos from the 1920’s for this photoshoot. Sutton came to mind first, then Violet. I think they worked so well together. They are both uniquely beautiful. This was my first photoshoot with my new studio lighting. We shot this in my living room while listening to an oldies playlist. What a fun time!

Models: Sutton @svtton + Violet @fairyfnck

Makeup, Photography, and Creative Direction: Sonny Castillo


It was an one and a half hour trip to our shoot location. The route was promising and beautiful. When I arrived in Sausalito, I was taken aback at the scenery. Lilia arrived shortly and away we shot. The lighting of this shoot was very unique. There’s something about the way the sun shines by the sea.

Model: Lilia Harlin @liliaharlin

Agency: Cast Images

Makeup and Photography: Sonny Castillo


What a wonderful day this was. I couldn't quite figure out the lighting settings for my camera the whole time but it was a learning experience. I reached out to Marisa through Instagram before she relocated to Sacramento. I was so happy to be able to work with her. We had a fun time while shooting too!

Model: Marissa Trujillo @marissaxjoan

Makeup, Photography, and Creative Direction: Sonny Castillo


This was a day of full of laughter and great food. I praticed my “can I take your photo?” skills and didn't totally wreck it. I met some incredibly inspiring women! I was so grateful to see a group of humans just being and enjoying one another’s company.

Models: Gina Cordova, Alene Sidle, and Claudia Forth!

Photographer: Sonny Castillo


Honest to God, I think this is my best work yet. In comparison to my older work, I have progressed so much. This photoshoot was every thing I could ever dream of. The weather was absolutely perfect. The model was incredible. There was a sweet “Ukranian Thanksgiving” concert which was playing the most lovely sounds. I am happy to be alive.

Model: Rachel Eby @rachelebyy

Agency: Look Model

Makeup, Photography, and Creative Direction: Sonny Castillo